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As A Man 5 important Reasons Why you Should Reconsider Marriage

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Regardless of your wealth and financial status, not being married or having a family of your own will result in being seen as inferior. It’s possible that they won’t make it clear to you because you’re driving a highly expensive Jeep at the age of 40 or doing some philanthropic work in the community but bet they say it in your back laugh when you are not around.

They might be several news reports of you being impotent or a ritualist even someone that can’t afford to feed himself talkless is wife would be regarded as a better man than you in public as custom demands mostly.

Now think about this if a rich man can get this treatment from the society talk more of a poor man.

Doors of breakthrough

I have seen so many men who were struggling in the past, but as soon they got married doors of breakthrough start manifesting in their lives. Different connections through their spouse, not necessarily from her family but from friends and well-wishers. People you don’t know before will come through just to see your union grow..The aura becomes fresh everything becomes easy and might just be surprised because you are on a new path.

My cousin is a case study, he was picked to canada by his wife elder brother best friend 2018 and he came back to pick his family with him.

Historical references

Bro, I know you have other siblings who are males to carry the family name and that don’t bother you that much but do you know about family history? They might be a time as long you don’t have any offspring to form your own line your existence on earth will be totally wiped off for future generations to come.

They might be a time in the future where the younger generations would want to trace their ancestors and mistakes will be made like “our fore father’s only gave birth to 3 children which are these, these and these” but because you got no offspring you would be easily left out and that’s false history. A tempered history. ( You can’t blame them you left no foot prints.)

sudden demise

If you want to know how painful it is, is when a matured man dies and he is not married or with kids to call is own. It get more worst when his parent is still alive. The embarrassment the shame, he nor born o… Several questions and answers within people there wanting to know how he lived his life. Some would even refused to pay last respect talk more of attending the burial.

Take a walk to that bury ground and see how he’s buried like a chicken most times especially if he’s poor or from a poor background. Nobody prays to die quick bro, but I beg you to reconsider your decision.

Joy of fulfillment

Take me as a case study from one prostitutes to another, I am tired already but I can’t stop that’s just the problem and I am not ready to stop yet maybe in the future. I would like to experience a family of my own some day with kids around, little baby girls to call me daddy
daddy especially when she’s learning how to speak with innocent smile on her cheek. Little babies to run along when they see me coming, just to take the package in my hand and takes it inside the house.
Come on bro? Who doesn’t want a change? I do everyone does..

I am just here to encourage those elders out there in their 40s and 50s is not too late to reconsider, everyone has a choice but sometimes we need to sit and meditate if we are in the right path in our various lifes.
That’s what makes us a man

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