King Von’s upcoming posthumous album Grandson (arriving July 14) will be an important moment in the late rapper’s career. Moreover, it will be his second body of work after his passing, and many wonder whether it will stick the landing considering that many releases in this vein can feel exploitative. That being said, if this new track “Heartless” with Tee Grizzley is anything to go by, fans should expect to be satisfied. This is the kind of track that Von perfected during his career, with the right balance of aggression, darkness, but also sorrow. While the bars here may paint a harsh picture of the streets, the instrumental gives it a somber tone that puts it all into context.

Furthermore, high-pitched keys and atmospheric pads lead the melody and harmony on “Heartless.” It almost sounds nostalgic, but the hard trap drums ground the track in its violent subject matter. In addition, there are some buried choir vocals that make the beat feel more eerie, despite the fact that they’re quite subtle in the mix. Like much of King Von’s catalog, this track has a haunting feel that contrasts well with his bars. Not only does he speak on the harshness of his upbringing, but his present attitude on the track says more about it than any anecdote ever could.