The 4 best methods to relocate abroad or Japa


While “cuffing” season is very trendy right now as we slowly make our way into the dry, bleak Harmattan months of November, December and January, “Japa” season is still very much in full effect.

In fact, it is during this time of the year, many young people move overseas as the new academic year in most universities in the UK and Europe begin around this time.

As the country continues to grapple with rising inflation, declining revenue, increasing national debt and more, many spirited, intelligent and talented Nigerians are actively seeking more opportunities outside of the country.

While it’s sad to see many of us leave in droves, the situation is fully understandable as to waste your God-given talent in a society that shrinks you at every turn is a disservice and sin to oneself.

Consequently, to make your life easier, we’ve put together what we think are, in our opinion, the 4 best methods to relocate abroad or “Japa”. We’ve also added some helpful resources for you to check out.

Continuing your education abroad at the secondary, tertiary or quaternary levels are some of the best ways to relocate abroad. N

ot only does studying abroad open up new opportunities for learning, it also fosters independence and open-mindedness.

The challenges with this method are that obtaining a study visa might be difficult, especially if your grades are not that great or you’ve never traveled out of the country before.

However, there are many agencies set up for the sole purpose of guiding you through your application process.

From selecting the best country that would potentially have opportunities for work while you study and after you graduate, to making sure your personal essays on your application are top-tier, to also assisting you with your visa application and working with their various university partners to secure admission for you.

Here are a few Study Abroad agencies in the country we recommend:

● Sable International Study Abroad

● Navitas

● Kaplan International Pathways

As the world becomes more globalized, that job you thought you could not have because it was in Sweden is no longer that much of an issue.

A lot of countries are looking to diversify their communities economically and socially and as a result, more companies are looking to hire international talent.

Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark are some of the easiest countries to apply to for a work visa.

The living standards are quite high in these countries and employees of multinational companies get some of the most amazing benefits. But if learning a new language is not in the cards for you right now, New Zealand, Australia and Canada are also great places to begin a new career and life.

One of the best ways to travel the world is to work abroad or do an exchange program. And by working abroad, this doesn’t pertain to sitting in a corporate office but rather, making money and traveling the world.

Although, traveling and working may seem difficult, it’s quite manageable and very exciting when you do it through exchange or work programs.

So if you’re done with secondary school or your first degree and you want to Japa but also not be swamped with tasking work, you could look into teaching English or being an English conversation coach in places like Qatar, Prague, Italy, Greece and other such programs such as these:

Here are a few you can check out:

● Greenheart Travel

● InterExchange

We all know Nigeria is struggling with healthy sports programs in schools or even a healthy and sustainable sports economy.

So, if you want a career in sports, where foreign countries are looking for great talent in different sports fields, applying as an immigrant to these countries that need special talents to represent them is another way to go. Not just as an athlete but also as a sports official.

Agencies like Sable can assist you with exploring and furthering your sports dreams as they partner with various colleges and universities with great sports programs such as University of Portsmouth, Newcastle University and many others.



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